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CocoaLuxe Home & Spa

Body & Bath Oil


The ultimate glow-inducing and silky-smooth experience can be achieved with our Luxury Body & Bath Oil. A harmonious blend of 10+ premium emollients including Argan oil, Shea nut oil, and avocado oils leaves the skin feeling nourished and smooth.  Vitamins A, E, F, and essential fatty acids provide all-day moisture while our custom blend of distinct fragrances and botanicals entices your senses and enhances your mood.

Size: 4 oz. / 118 mL Fluid Wt.

Usage: Apply on skin post-shower or bath. Drop a liberal amount into your bath water or foot soak. Use CocoaLuxe Body Butter or Shea + Aloe Lotion to layer your favorite scent, or use it as a perfume oil.


Fragrance Selections:

#7: If you seek a moment in an enchanting garden filled with sun and a warm breeze floating across your skin, then Belle is for you! This fragrance blend incorporates delicate flowers, succulent fruit, and the slightest hint of fine champagne. Layer this body oil with our "Belle" bath and body line.


#8: Prepare to make an entrance, turn heads, and keep them enthralled with this alluring blend of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and spices. Layer this body oil with our "Noir" bath and body line to give people something to remember!


#9: This fragrance blend is all about "the feels" - the tantalizing sensations of being caught in a romance. Take their breath away and send them swinging with this blend of rose petals, jasmine, and musk. To truly send them swinging, layer this oil with our "Love Spell" bath and body products.

Body & Bath Oil